Driyanti Rahayu, MT

    Name : Driyanti Rahayu
    Date & place of birth : April 5th, 1976; Bandung 
    Affiliation : Universitas Padjadjaran
    Address : Kebonkol no.78 Regolwetan-Sumedang 45311 West Java, Indonesia
    Email address : driyanti.rahayu@unpad.ac.id
    Position : Lecturer
    Expertise : Analytical Pharmacy
  • Education

1994-1999 :  
Bachelor of Science, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, University of Indonesia (UI) 
2001-2004 :  
Master of Chemical Engineering, 2001- 2004, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) 
  • Organisation


  • Research & Research Grant (in the last 5 years) 

No. Title Year Research Funder  
1. An Efforts To Process Organic Compounds And Heavy Metals In Laboratory Liquid Waste Using Coagulation And Adsorption Methods  2017 Unpad  
2. Synthesis, Characterization And Application Of Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Solid Phase Extraction (Mi-Spe) Beta Blocker For Direct-Online Atenolol Analysis For Doping Analysis And Drug Therapy Monitoring  2017 – 2018 DIKTI  
3. Isolation And Application Of Bromeline Enzyme From Pineapple Fruit Crown (Ananas Comosus L. Merr As Anti Alopesia Herbal  2018 DIKTI  
4. Synthesis, Characterization And Application Of Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Solid Phase Extraction (MI-SPE) Beta Blocker For Direct-Online Analysis Of Atenolol For Doping Analysis And Drug Therapy Monitoring 2019 DIKTI  
5. Molecularly Imprinted Polymer For Direct Online Analysis Of Diazepam Early Detection Efforts Of Drug Abuse: Synthesis, Characterization And Application In Biological Fluid 2019 – 2021 DIKTI  
6. Bromelain From The Crown Of Pineapple Fruit (Ananas Comosus (L.) Merr) As A Herbal Immunomodulator Candidate  2019 – 2021 DIKTI  
7. Synthesis and Characterization of Analytical Performance Salmeterol Molecular Imprinted Polymer Mip Beta 2-Agonist Drugs For Online Doping Analysis And Monitoring Drug Therapy 2020-2021 DIKTI  
  • Community Service
No. Title Year Place  
1. Training on Making Simple Teaching Aids for Science Subjects in an Effort to Increase Understanding and Creativity for Middle School Students in Jatinangor District. 2017 Jatinangor  
2. Community service: Let’s Teach 2017 SDN 1 & 2 Manglayang Jatinangor  
3. Utilization of Pineapple Fruit Crown (Ananas Comosus (L.) Merr) As a Source of Bromelain.(Nyi Mekar Saptarini, Sri Agung Fitri Kusuma, Driyanti Rahayu) 2018 M.I. Raudatul Muta’alimin, Desa Cilayung, Jatinangor  
4.  Medicine and health Counseling 2018 Madrasah Aliyah Wasilatul Huda Cicalengka- Kab. Bandung  
5. Education, Information and Counseling on Health, Prevention of Infectious and Degenerative Diseases 2019 Bandung  
6. Counseling on Stunting and a Clean and Healthy Lifestyle 2019 Desa Cilayung- Jatinangor  
7. Counseling on “Maintaining Health in Pandemic Period and Herbal Medicine”  2020 Yayasan Al Ma’soem (online)  
8. Pharmaceutical Social Service Team “Cares To Prevent Covid-19” 2020 Jatinangor  
9. Healthy Lifestyle in Prevention of Covid-19 and Use of Herbs for baldness 2020 M.A. Wasilatul Huda Cicalengka-Kab. Bandung (online)  
  • Publications in the last 5 years (H-index: XX (Scholar), XX (Scopus))

International Journal

No Tittle Journal Year Quartiles
    Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
1 Design of Hydroquinone Indicator Strip Based on Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) For Identification of Hydroquinone in Whitening Cosmetic: Case Study in Bandung Indonesia. (Yunita Kurniati, Anisa Desi Aryanti, Danni Ramdhani, Driyanti Rahayu, Mutakin, Aliya Nur Hasanah. International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science, 8(7); 354-359 2016      
2. Evaluation Performance of Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Prepared by Two Different Polimerization Method for Atenolol Recognition in Human Plasma (Aliya Nur Hasanah, Shendy Suryana, Mutakin, Driyanti Rahayu) Asian Journal of Chemistry, 29 (11), 2429-2433 2017      
3. Characterization of Bioplastic from Rice Straw Cellulose. Research (Rimadani Pratiwi, Driyanti Rahayu, Melisa Intan Barliana. Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences.8(1S); 217-221 2017(supp.)      
4. Development of Patch Ketoprofen Using Chitosan as Polymer Matrix(Soraya Ratnawulan Mita, Driyanti Rahayu,Insan Sunan K., Anis Yohana Chaerunisaa, Handi Purnama) Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, 10(1), 8-15 2018      
5. Development of Gel Dossage Form From Mulberry Fruit Extract as A Facial Treatment. (Arif Budiman, Diah Lia Aulifa, Driyanti Rahayu, Arni Praditasari.) International Journal of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance; 9(1); 95-101 2018      
6. Selective Atenolol Determination In Blood Using Molecular Imprinted Polymer With Itaconic Acid As Functional Monomer. (Aliya Nur Hasanah, Asri Budi Yulianti, Driyanti Rahayu) International Journal of Applied Pharmaceutics,11 (1), 136-143 2019      
7. Comparison of Bulk and Precipitation Polymerization Method of Synthesis Molecular Imprinted Solid Phase Extraction for Atenolol using Methacrylic Acid (Rimadani Pratiwi, Sandra Megantara, Driyanti Rahayu, Indraswari Pitaloka, Aliya Nur Hasanah) Journal of Young Pharmacists ; 11(1):12-16 2019      
8. Formulation of antioxidant gel from black mulberry fruit extract (Morus nigra L.). (Arif Budiman, Arni Praditasari, Driyanti Rahayu, Diah Lia Aulifa) Journal of Pharmacy and BioAllied Science;11 (3) :216-222 2019      
9. Extraction of atenolol from spiked blood serum using a molecularly imprinted polymer sorbent obtained by precipitation polymerization (Aliya Nur Hasanah, Driyanti Rahayu, Rimadani Pratiwi, Tina Rostinawati,Sandra Megantara, Febrina Amelia Saputri, Khanifa Hidayati Puspanegara) Heliyon 5 Article No~e01533  2019      
10. Protease Activity And Characterization OfBromelain Extract Of Pineapple Crown (Ananas comusus (L.) Merr) From Subang, Indonesia(Nyi Mekar Saptarini, Driyanti Rahayu, Sri Agung Fitri Kusuma) Rasayan Journal of Chemistry;  12 (4), 2074 – 2081 2019      
11. Antioxidant activity of crude bromelain of pineapple (Ananas comosus (L.) Merr)crown from Subang district, Indonesia. (Nyi Mekar Saptarin, Driyanti Rahayu Irma E. Herawati) Journal of Pharmacy and Bioallied Sciences;11:S551-5. 2019      
12. Synthesis of Diazepam-Imprinted Polymers with Two Functional Monomers in Chloroform Using a Bulk Polymerization Method. (Aliya Nur Hasanah, Dang Soni, Rimadani Pratiwi, Driyanti Rahayu, Sandra Megantara,Mutakin) Journal of Chemistry; Volume 2020, Article ID 7282415, 8 pages 2020      
13. Molecular Imprinted Polymer for Ethylmorphine with Methacrylic Acid and Acrylamide as Functional Monomer in Butanol Using Two Polymerization Method. (Aliya Nur Hasanah, Diane Fauzi, Beska Zausha Witka, Driyanti Rahayu, Rimadani Pratiwi) Mediterranean Journal of Chemistry;  10(3), 277-288 2020      
Atenolol imprinted polymer with butanol as a porogenic solvent: Using two polymerization method
(Aliya Nur Hasanah, Jessica Tristi, Driyanti Rahayu)
Rasayan Journal of Chemistry,  13(3), 1313–1320 2020      
15. A Novel Validation of Analysis Method for Determining Nicotine Levels in Human Blood Plasma (In vitro) HPLC-UV Detector. (Iyan Sopyan, Ucu Siti Hasanah, Driyanti Rahayu, Taofik Rusdiana) International Journal of Drug Delivery Technology;10(2):1-6. 2020      
16. Microsphere Polymers in Molecular Imprinting:Current and Future Perspectives (Tirza Ecclesia Orowitz, Patria Pari Agnes Ago Ana Sombo, Driyanti Rahayu andAliya Nur Hasanah) Molecules; 25, 3256 2020      
17. Immunomodulatory Activity of Crude Bromelain of Pineapple (Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.) Crown from Subang District, Indonesia. ( Nyi Mekar Saptarini, Driyanti Rahayu, Endah Kartikawati) Reseach Journal of Pharmacy and Technology; 13(11):5177-5182. 2020      
18. Effect of the Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Component Ratio on Analytical Performance(Kelvin Fernando Pratama, Maretty Erwanta Roulina Manik, Driyanti Rahayu, Aliya Nur Hasanah) Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin; 68 (11), 1013–1024 2020      

National Accreditation Journal

No Tittle Journal Year Sinta
    S1-S2 S3-S4 S5-S5
1 Performance Evaluation Of Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Using Propanol As Porogen For Atenolol Recognition In Human Serum (Meilia Suherman, Ike Susanti, Driyanti Rahayu, Rimadani Pratiwi, Aliya N. Hasanah) Indonesian Journal Of Pharmaceutical Science And Technology;  6(1), 27-35 2019    
2. Prediction Of Asiatic Acid Derivatives Affinity Against SARS-Cov-2 Main Protease Using Molecular Docking (Ida Musfiroh, Alia Resti Azura, Driyanti Rahayu) Pharmaceutical Sciences And Research (PSR), 7(Special Issue On COVID-19),  57 – 64 2020    

No Seminar/Symposium Place Year Position
    Plenary/Invited Oral Poster
1 2nd International Seminar and Expo on Jamu Bandung 2017    
2 Third International Seminar on Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology Jatinangor 2018    
3 4th International Seminar on Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology (ISPST) Online 2020    

a. Scientific Journal  
No Position and Journal Year
1 Indonesian Journal on Pharmaceutical Science and Technology (IJPST) 2017-2019
2 JPSR (3rd ISPST supplement) 2018
b. Research Proposal  
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